Latah Books is an independent book publisher located in Spokane, Washington. We are proud to work with numerous award-winning and bestselling veterans, as well as talented new authors hungry to make their mark.


Why Latah?

A Nez Perce word, Latah (pronounced LAY-tə) is the name of the creek along which most of our staff has lived, worked, recreated, meditated and fallen in love for many years. Latah Creek is a modest but vital stream flowing onward to greater waters. We can't imagine a more fitting name for the spirit of our enterprise, and for honoring the legacy of those who cultivated this land before us.

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"A Shrug of the Shoulders does readers a service by rendering in dramatic terms the era of Japanese-American relocation that unfolded during World War II.  I'm glad to see it in print, because it serves as a reminder of this period in our history and therefore increases the odds that we will not allow ourselves again, as a nation, to act on prejudice."

     --David Guterson, PEN/Faulkner Award-winning author of Snow Falling on Cedars

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Forthcoming July 5th


"Cascade Vengeance takes readers on a thrill ride through the dual worlds of drug dealing and big-game hunting deep in Washington’s Cascade mountains. Rob Phillips uses his extensive knowledge of the region to tell the fast-moving tale of game warden Luke McCain and his yellow Lab Jack, as they face down poachers, murderous drug cartel members, and feral dogs on the way to the story’s harrowing and heartbreaking conclusion."

     --Scott Graham, National Outdoor Book Award-winning author of Mesa Verde Victim

Forthcoming October 11th

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"Leslie tells her story with soul-searing honesty, plenty of self-deprecation and humour. In working through her own story, confronting her difficult past, she's revealed the human damage - most often to innocents - inflicted by the espionage "game" played out on the global chessboard." 

     --Ian Callaghan, producer of the Audible Original series My Dad the Spy

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Forthcoming October 25th

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THE BOY WHO FELL TO SHORE is an insider’s account of the Tangvald legend. Charles J. Doane—an accomplished bluewater sailor and longtime sailing journalist—tracks Thomas and his father Peter (a renowned but controversial sailor and author) across thousands of ocean miles through intimate interviews, personal correspondence, documentary research, and first-hand experience of the tropical anchorages and passage routes they frequented. This biography is by turns inspiring, terrifying, beautiful, and infuriating as Doane deftly explores the great cost of living freely at the whim of wind and water. 

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"As introspective as he is entertaining, Tellessen uses a captivating blend of muscular and minimalistic prose to give us an uncomfortably honest look at where courage and nature diverge.... This book will stay at the front of my mind and my shelf for years to come." 

     -- James Wade, Spur Award-winning author of All Things Left Wild and River, Sing Out


“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”

-Gustave Flaubert