Latah Books is an independent book publisher located in Spokane, Washington. We are proud to work with numerous award-winning and bestselling veterans, as well as talented new authors hungry to make their mark.


Why Latah?

A Nez Perce word, Latah (pronounced LAY-tə) is the name of the creek along which most of our staff has lived, worked, recreated, meditated, and fallen in love for many years. Latah Creek is a modest but vital stream flowing onward to greater waters. We can't imagine a more fitting name for the spirit of our enterprise, and for honoring the legacy of those who cultivated this land before us.

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"Leslie tells her story with soul-searing honesty, plenty of self-deprecation and humour. In working through her own story, confronting her difficult past, she's revealed the human damage - most often to innocents - inflicted by the espionage "game" played out on the global chessboard." 

     --Ian Callaghan, producer of the Audible Original series My Dad the Spy

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"Yachting journalist Doane . . . does a fine job of piloting both sailors and wannabes into the world of Thomas Thor Tangvald, who disappeared with his boat off French Guiana in 2014. . . . [Sailors and non-sailors] will enjoy this narrative, rich with the joys and dangers of offshore seafaring, along with the tales of many who pursue that life so passionately."

     --Library Journal, reviewed by Dorian Gossy

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"For me and the other refugees on board that boat, the concept of home no longer existed. Our homeland had been decimated by decades of war and had fallen under the control of a government we neither trusted nor recognized. Months ago, I had left the only home I’d ever known. And yet, to a man who has spent a starving week at sea, the sight of any solid land is home."

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Feb. 21st

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March 15th

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“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”

-Gustave Flaubert