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The Boy Who Fell to Shore now available for pre-order!

Born at sea aboard his father’s hand-built sailboat and raised barefoot on her wood decks, Thomas Thor Tangvald’s oceanic childhood was full of beauty and wonder—but was also scarred by horrific tragedies that left him an orphan. Cast ashore into regular contact with human society for the first time at age 15, this intellectually gifted and uniquely educated young man at first reveled in his new environment but ultimately was led by his trauma into spirals of addiction and broken relationships. Thomas hasn’t been seen since he sailed away from French Guyana in 2014, and some believe he must still be alive.

THE BOY WHO FELL TO SHORE is an insider’s account of the Tangvald legend. Charles J. Doane—an accomplished bluewater sailor and longtime sailing journalist—tracks Thomas and his father Peter (a renowned but controversial sailor and author) across thousands of ocean miles through intimate interviews, personal correspondence, documentary research, and first-hand experience of the tropical anchorages and passage routes they frequented. This biography is by turns inspiring, terrifying, beautiful, and infuriating as Doane deftly explores the great cost of living freely at the whim of wind and water.

Support superb storytelling and independent publishing by picking up your pre-order copy here. Thank you and enjoy!

Author Charles J. Doane

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