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A Dog Life Well Lived: Outdoor Adventures with a Lifetime of Canine Friends
     by Rob Phillips

Book Description:

Throughout his full life as an outdoorsman, hunter, and family man, Rob Phillips has nearly always had a dog (or two) by his side. From a harrowing rescue in hypothermic water to a hilariously odiferous motel stay to countless triumphant bird hunts, Rob’s dogs have been loyal and loving partners through it all. 


In this collection of stories and essays, Phillips applies his talents as a bestselling mystery novelist to decades of personal canine tales. With his signature wit, wisdom, and candor, he introduces us to each of the dogs—from Zeb to Bailey—that have followed him on pheasant hunts, sat patiently beside him in duck blinds, and made his home that much richer. 


Hunters and general dog lovers alike will relish this chronicling of what has been for Rob Phillips—A Dog Life Well Lived. 

Praise for A Dog Life Well Lived:

"Entertaining, insightful and heartfelt, A Dog Life Well Lived will evoke fond memories of the dogs in your life, whether they are hunting dogs or family dogs. Phillips has had a lifetime of hunting dogs, and he shares his tales of hunting with them from his formative years into his adult life. He’s been blessed with some wonderful and memorable dogs, which he brings to life in his delightful new book. If you’re a dog lover, A Dog Life Well Lived is a must-read."

     --Pat Hoglund, Publisher, Western Hunting Journal

"For those of us who are confirmed cat fanciers, here’s a shocker—you are going to love Rob Phillips’ new book, A Dog Life Well Lived. Rob is much more than an outdoor columnist. He has blossomed into a seasoned storyteller who writes with warmth and ease, delivering his most poignant prose for his closest companions, his hunting dogs. Phillips will draw you deep into his world of canine bliss. Enjoy the hunt as he pushes you through high grass and brambles, with his trusted Labrador retriever taking the lead, in hot pursuit of yet another pheasant."

     --Spencer Hatton, former city editor of the Yakima Herald-Republic

"Amazing points, long-distance retrieves, motel room disasters–A Dog Life Well Lived is flush with the thrill of the hunt, the dedication of hard-working gun dogs, and the bonds between man and his four-legged partner afield. Your laughter will join the cackle of pheasants as Rob Phillips chronicles the many bird dogs he's hunted behind from Central Washington to Eastern Montana in this heartwarming, humorous read."

     --Andy Walgamott, editor, Northwest Sportsman Magazine

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