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MICHAEL GURIAN is widely considered one of America's leading advocates for boys. He has briefed members of the 114th Congress on the boy crisis in America, provided information on boys' educational needs to two White Houses, and written thirty-two books, including two previous novels and the bestselling The Wonder of Boys, The Minds of Boys, and Saving Our Sons. The Stone Boys is his first young adult novel.

The Stone Boys
          by Michael Gurian
Michael Gurian 2.jpg

Praise for The Stone Boys:

"Gripping . . . An example of gritty realism. Recommended for mature students."

     --School Library Journal

“Gurian incorporates autobiographical elements into a story built not around easy answers but anguished inner arguments . . . of use for discussing the cycle of abuse.”

     --Kirkus Reviews

"A uniquely powerful novel by one of America's leading experts on the subject of boys. Protagonist Ben Brickman's journey to deal with his deepest emotions is relentlessly and authentically written . . . unforgettable."

     --Terry Trueman, Printz Honor Author of Stuck in Neutral


“The Stone Boys is unlike any other YA novel . . . a page turner . . . it can lead to discussions about any trauma one is dealing with.”

     --Tina Reed,

"The Stone Boys makes it safe for boys to deal with experiences and topics not usually verbalized. This book will be part of their shaping journey to becoming good men.”

     --Gregory Jantz, Ph.D., founder of The Center, A Place of Hope, and author of Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse

"Michael Gurian masterfully tackles this difficult subject as he portrays the awkwardness, confusion, and shame the two boys endure . . . This is an important book that should be read and discussed by boys and men, and by anyone who loves a boy or a man."

     --Barbara Mulvey Little, Author of The Secrets Underneath

The Stone Boys dives deep into the trauma of bullying and abuse and comes out just as our culture is taking the lid off the pain too many have buried for too long. Compelling and profound.”

     --Pastor Tim Wright, Community of Grace Lutheran Church

"The characters, emotions, and events are so real, so raw . . . this book could, and should, be read by all despite their age."

     --Mili Ferr, Goodreads

Book Description:

When Ben Brickman and Dave McConnell learn of each other’s hidden sexual abuse trauma, they decide to confront their demons by abducting a dangerous high school bully. After their plan for revenge takes a shocking turn, the boys must grapple with good and evil and what it means to be a man.


Drawn in part from the author's personal experience as a sexual abuse survivor, The Stone Boys is a both a dramatic page-turner and a profoundly emotional read. Arriving as our society contends with a crisis of childhood sexual abuse, The Stone Boys is not only timely and courageous -- but the first of its kind.

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October 24-25 – Phoenix, AZ – Annual Helping Boys Thrive Summit

November 10-11 – Toledo, OH – Helping Boys Thrive Summit at St. John’s Jesuit High School and Academy

November 21 – Seattle, WA – “The Stone Boys: The Role of Past Trauma in Anxiety, Addiction, and Depression,” for The Center, A Place of Hope.

November 21 – Spokane, WA – The Stone Boys, Book Reading and Signing at Auntie's Bookstore


January 6 – Dallas, TX – St. Michael’s School, Evening Keynote and Teacher Training, The Minds of Our Youngest Boys and Girls.

January 25-26 – Atlanta – Gurian Winter Training Institute, The Minds of Boys and Girls, at The Lovett School

January 30 – 31 – Boulder, CO – Evening Keynote and Professional Development Day, The Minds of Boys and Girls, at Sacred Heart School

March 27 – Orlando, Fl – Keynote and Plenary Sessions, The Minds of Boys and Girls and Saving Our Sons

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