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About Latah Books

Located in downtown Spokane, Washington, Latah Books is dedicated to the publication of meaningful, well-crafted books and to helping fill the interstitial spaces in our literary community. 


We are proud to collaborate with numerous award-winning and bestselling authors, and we especially enjoy supporting the careers of writers typically underrepresented and overlooked in today’s literary ecosystem: authors from rural and small-town America, authors from working-class and blue collar backgrounds, and authors of color.

Why Latah?

A Nez Perce word, Latah (pronounced LAY-tə) is the name of the creek along which most of our staff has lived, worked, recreated, meditated and fallen in love for many years. Latah Creek is a modest but vital stream flowing onward to greater waters. We can't imagine a more fitting name for the spirit of our enterprise, and for honoring the legacy of those who cultivated this land before us.

Did the world really need another book publisher?

Apparently, it did! To our delight, Latah Books continues to flourish and find more opportunities to share our authors' vital and inspiring work. While we have tremendous respect for the major New York publishers, we ardently believe that a healthy literary ecosystem includes many thriving small presses and intrepid indie authors throughout America and abroad. Latah Books is proud to contribute to the decentralization and democratization of quality literature.

What awards, national reviews, and major media recognition have Latah's titles received?


How do I submit my manuscript to Latah Books?

If you've poured your heart and soul into your manuscript and feel that it's ready for publication, then please review our Submissions page and submit your work via Submittable. 





Who should I contact if I'm an industry professional?


For inquiries related to publicity, distribution, events, reviews, permissions or bulk ordering, please email Jon Gosch at

Anything else?

Regardless of who you are and why you are here, we hope that you stay healthy and inspired during these unprecedented times. 

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