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Patrolling the Heart of the West
     by Steve Raabe
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Praise for Patrolling the Heart of the West:

"Though many of his true tales take tragic and terrifying turns, Raabe’s grace, compassion and good cheer, along with a wicked sense of humor, shine through..."

     --Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Patrolling the Heart of the West can easily be digested in short spurts, but it’s possible that when you start reading this book that it will be impossible to put down."

     --Sparks Tribune

"Whether you have an interest in law enforcement, are a fan of all things Nevadan, or just want to enjoy a good book that you won’t want to put down once you start reading it, you’ll find Patrolling the Heart of the West to be a memorable read. Highly recommended."

     --Excerpt from Readers’ Favorite, review by Kimberlee J. Benart

"Raabe's stories reflect “the good, the bad and the ugly” aspects of patrolling our highways. Patrolling the Heart of the West will bring a new appreciation for the unique role and responsibilities of state troopers, especially those who work in rural or remote areas."

     --G Paul Corbin, criminal justice professor and former chief of the Nevada Highway Patrol​​

"Patrolling the Heart of the West is a thoroughly entertaining and enlightening read. With a style reminiscent of the war stories exchanged during a law-enforcement family barbecue, Raabe's skill as a storyteller is evident as he imparts his wisdom and experience with a unique sense of humor, candor, and insightfulness."

     --Andy Brown, author of Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base

"Told with great humor and compassion, Raabe's tales show us the heart behind the badge."

     --Michael Gurian, NY Times bestselling author of The Wonder of Boys

"Patrolling the Heart of the West is a quick, entertaining and informative glimpse into an important, sometimes dangerous career spent in a unique, little understood corner of the country."

     --Ed Pearce, Senior Reporter, KOLO-TV Reno

"Raabe tells his experiences with excellent accuracy, grace and wit. I couldn’t put the book down!"

     --Colonel Michael Hood, Nevada Highway Patrol


"Perhaps the most endearing police memoir yet written. As a son and brother of cops, I admire the humanity Raabe brings to each of these stories."

     --Jon Gosch, author of Deep Fire Rise


Book Description:

"For decades, Trooper Steve Raabe patrolled some of the most desolate and dangerous highways in America. Alone in the remote Nevada desert, miles from any backup, Raabe was forced to contend with murderers, thieves, perverts, dope peddlers, and the occasional runaway train.

While often tragic and terrifying, Raabe's true tales also abound with his signature wit and playful good cheer. Policing can be a deadly serious business, but for Raabe it also entailed buying a prisoner an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, or laughing along with some good old boys before booking them into jail, as you'll discover in Patrolling the Heart of the West.

In our contentious and politicized era, when police officers are too often portrayed as either infallible superheroes or oppressive henchmen, Raabe's charming collection reminds us that cops are mostly just ordinary men and women who've chosen an extraordinary career."

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May 22, 2019: Reading at the Churchill County Library, 6 p.m.


April 22, 2019: Interview on the LeRue Book Hound Show, American Matters Media

March 16, 2019: Book signing at the Carson City Costco

March 15, 2019: Book signing at the Reno Costco

January 2019: Reading at the Yuma Public Library

November 10, 2018: Reading at Barnes & Noble in Reno, NV

November 9, 2018: Reading at Grassroots Books in Reno, NV

October 17, 2018: Reading at the Spokane Public Library, downtown branch (906 W Main Ave), 6-8 p.m.


October 10, 2018: Reading at Browser's Bookstore in Carson City, NV

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