Sticky Karma: Meditations on Meaning and Madness in the Time of COVID
     by Lee Shainen
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Forthcoming Jan. 31, 2023

“What my story reminds me is being ready for anything is a powerful place to be, and that a path that brings us to confront what we fear is also the way to what we love.”

Book Description:

Just before Lee’s wife joins him in retirement, their plans for their golden years are dashed. COVID-19 has thrust the world into lockdown, and nothing will ever be the same.


A near-death experience lands him in the hospital at the peak of the pandemic. Then, he must grapple with his new limitations amidst a world seemingly coming unhinged. As COVID grinds on, month after month, the truth of his identity bubbles irrepressibly to the surface, forcing him to confront his demons and finally share what he has long buried.


Witty and insightful, Shainen shares a series of anecdotes from the COVID era and meditations on what it all might mean. In a double-helix style of prose and poetry, this avant-garde memoir dives deep into the malaise and madness, ultimately reminding us that there is always much to be grateful for if only we lean in and take a closer look.

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