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Escape Into Rain
     by J.P. Robideaux
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“Filled with espionage and intrigue, Escape into Rain will thrust you into a high-powered CEO lifestyle and a story most of us could never imagine.”

     –Rob Phillips, bestselling author of The Cascade KillerCascade Vengeance and Cascade Predator

“From sailboats to sports cars, seaplanes to long-haul trucks, Robideaux gives his readers seemingly every mode of escape in a debut novel brimming with jovial wit and a spirited joie de vivre.”

     –Jon Gosch, award-winning author of Deep Fire Rise

Book Description:


After years of running a successful company in Silicon Valley, Rick Blaine is trying to get his head on straight. He escapes to North Idaho for vacation, returns to Santa Monica to clear his mind, and even finds himself in a budding romance with an interested woman, Libby. But Libby might be too interested in Rick, and for all the wrong reasons....

When Libby tries to use their relationship to blackmail Rick, he finds himself on the run: from law enforcement and from Libby's seedy associates, keen on putting an end to Rick and his company. Rick will need the help of his friends, family, and company to flee by Porsche, truck and plane.

Like Elmore Leonard before him, J.P. Robideaux's high-adrenaline novel pulses with energy. Until the thrilling end, Escape Into Rain will have readers asking, "What can Rick Blaine do to escape?"

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