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Warnings Unheeded 
     by Andy Brown
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From the military policeman who ended the killing spree . . . a true story of mass murder and aviation disaster.

On 20 June 1994, a disturbed airman shot his mental-health doctors before opening fire on the patrons and staff of an Air Force hospital. Four days later, a B-52 bomber crashed while performing air-show maneuvers, killing her crew and a pilot who was known for his reckless flying. 

As a young patrolman, Andy Brown was hailed as a hero for ending the active-shooter's killing spree. Haunted by the lives he was unable to save, the former criminal investigator struggled to make sense of the violence and disaster. After years of research, Brown tells the story of two fatal tragedies that occurred suddenly... but not without warning. This compelling historical narrative gives a voice to the ordinary men and women who witnessed the extraordinary tragedies unfold and reveals the leadership culture that allowed two men to travel unchecked on a path toward destruction.

Find out why people are saying Warnings Unheeded is the best nonfiction story they've seen in years. Read this page-turning true story of mental illness, mass murder, and military aviation disaster.

*** Contains more than 70 non-graphic photographs and images ***

Praise for Warnings Unheeded:

"A highly readable book ... from a unique source. Recommended for a wide audience." 

     --Ron Franscell, Best Selling True-Crime Author of Delivered From Evil


"An amazing book. An instant classic. Staff Sergeant Brown is a true guardian who saved countless lives with supernatural marksmanship skill in a moment of great need, but he has also proven himself to be a true warrior-wordsmith who will save even more lives, as the lessons from this book are learned and applied in our current violent times. Absolutely "required reading" for law enforcement and mental health professionals, but also profoundly valuable for anyone who wants to understand violence and mental illness in our society today."

     --Lt Col Dave Grossman (US Army, retired), Author of On Combat, On Killing, and Assassination Generation 

"In vivid and thoroughly researched detail, Andy Brown masterfully weaves two tragic stories ... In parallel accounts he craftily weds the stories of the vivid dysfunction of a troubled young airman and the reckless arrogance of a senior officer and aviator. As Andy Brown clearly displays, if warnings had been heeded, the behavior of both men would not have led to disastrous ends. ... this is an important and well-written read."

     --Gregory K. Moffatt, Ph.D., Author of Blind-Sided: Homicide Where it is Least Expected and A Violent Heart 

"Rich in fascinating detail and page-turning narration, Warnings Unheeded delivers memorable insights into the kind of slaughter that so often fills news cycles these days, and the resilience heroes need to fight back from the emotional toll of protecting other lives."

     --Charles Remsberg, Author of the Street Survival book series

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