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A Long Road There
     by Virginia Pickett
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Praise for A Long Road There:

"A powerful, moving, and life-affirming novel . . . capturing the best and the worst of the human condition."

     --Grant Leishman, Readers' Favorite

"A Long Road There is a terrific story. I am grateful that Gini was willing to share a piece of her heritage with all of us."

     --John Stockton, NBA Hall of Famer

"Carefully weaving in historical descriptions and events of the 1880s and her great-grandmother’s moxie, Pickett draws the reader into a finely told travel tale from Germany, to New York City, to the Old West of Colorado. . . . Historical fiction buffs will love the details from the era, and every genealogist will want to use Pickett’s story as a model for family lore."

     --Elaine Cockrell, historical novelist

Book Description:

A Long Road There chronicles the immigrant journey of Magdalena Mok, a young woman whose restless, yearning, and independent spirit guided her from Germany, across the Atlantic, to America. While Magdalena is the great-grandmother of the author, Pickett as a novelist imagines the vibrant details of Mok’s audacious journey. Accompanying Magdalena are a colorful cast of characters, from a rodent stowaway on the SS See Falke to her plucky and determined travel companion Rosa. Whether by ship, wagon, or on foot, readers will appreciate A Long Road There both for its ties to the past and its endearing fictions.

Virginia Pickett grew up in Billings, Montana and attended Montana State
University. After she and her husband graduated from Gonzaga Law School in
1976, they remained in Spokane. This is her first novel.

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