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A Letter to My Replacement: 14 Leadership Lessons from a SERE Specialist 
     by Joseph Apolinar
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Praise for A Letter to My Replacement:

"Joseph Apolinar’s book hits the mark perfectly, and it’s nice to see a fellow U.S. Air Force member providing lessons to those interested in expanding their knowledge in the subject of leadership. The author’s technique of storytelling makes it quite an enjoyable read, as he puts himself in the position of learner for most of the lessons. He relays times when he made a mistake in leadership and then provides how he learned from it. Indeed, learning from our mistakes is always a great way of becoming a better leader. While this was written from a military point of view, each lesson would be equally as effective in the civilian sector. The questions he poses at the end of each chapter are thought-provoking, too. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about leadership."

     --Mitchell Boling, author of Leadership: A View from the Middle

"14 valuable and succinct leadership lessons to guide you toward being a better leader, team member, or even a parent."

     --Andy Brown, USAF Security Forces (retired) and author of Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base


Book Description:

Joseph Apolinar is a U.S. Air Force SERE Specialist, an expert at preparing high-risk military personnel to SURVIVE the elements, EVADE capture, RESIST exploitation, and ESCAPE their captors should they be separated from friendly control in remote, hostile environments.  


Drawing from his extensive experience and professional development, Apolinar shares fourteen vital leadership lessons like how to build your influence and plant the right trees on your team, the importance of doing yoga and watching out for burnout, and how to ultimately leave something behind for the emerging leaders coming after you. 


Useful for guided group discussions or deep independent reflection, A Letter to My Replacement is an invaluable resource for any organization seeking to build strong and ethical leaders in a world that desperately needs them. 

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