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The Kid Who Killed Cole Hardt
by Terry Trueman, Printz Honor author of Stuck in Neutral
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Praise for The Kid Who Killed Cole Hardt:

"Terry Trueman has delivered a novel of uncommon perspective. Encapsulated in the wreckage of modern life, a subtle friendship is formed that transcends generational trauma, releases a heart's-cry elegy to Bukowski and Whitman, and symbolizes the poem that resides in the heart of everyman."

     --Shann Ray, American Book Award winning author of BalefireAmerican Masculine, and the poetry chapbook Atomic Theory 432

"Every aspiring young author will benefit from this book. Packed with wit and wisdom, The Kid Who Killed Cole Hardt entertains, illuminates and inspires."
     --Michael Gurian, New York Times bestselling author of The Wonder of Boys

"Coming-of-age sometimes takes a knock upside the head, and by the end, Trueman's “kid” is anything but a kid. This book is perfect for that bright, next generation of readers and leaders looking to take the wheel.  Literally and metaphorically, Trueman hands over the keys."

     --Will Weaver, Award-winning Y.A. author of Memory Boy


"Another great story by Terry Trueman, whose books always hit squarely on issues of coming of age and learning important life lessons."

     --Edward Averett, Award-winning Y.A. author of Cameron and the Girls

Book Description:

Ryan Turane, 17 years old, wants to be somebody, wants to make his mark on the world. When he gets the chance to chauffeur his idol, the famous writer Cole Hardt, he can't believe his good luck. Ryan figures that if anyone can teach him how to reach his goals of fame and fortune, it will be Cole.

Soon after they meet, Ryan rolls his father’s prized Corvette off the highway and into the woods where no one will spot them. Injured and trapped upside down as the night turns cold, Ryan learns more about the writing life than he ever imagined. But he also fears that he'll forever be known as "The Kid Who Killed Cole Hardt."

The Kid Who Killed Cole Hardt
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