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Doug Ammons


Doug received a Doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Montana, with his main research in human motor skills – how people learn skilled movements. As a journal editor for 25 years, Doug helped thousands of scientists, evaluating their work and improving logic, methods, and writing for publication.


As a world-class kayaker, he is known for his solo descents of wilderness runs. His solo of the Grand Canyon of the Stikine River was equated by Outside Magazine to Himalayan climber Reinhold Messner’s epic solo of Mt. Everest, earning him a place in Outside Magazine’s “top ten game-changers in adventure since 1900.”


Doug is now writing about historical events, telling true stories in a vivid form so readers feel the struggles and joy of the people who lived them. We are indebted to earlier eras for creating the world that we now see.

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