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Praise for The Cascade Killer:



"Rob Phillips' intimate knowledge of Washington State's outdoors scene and recent newsworthy events is on full display in this fast-paced novel.  Featuring a smart, hard-working fish and wildlife officer, a demented serial killer, an attractive FBI agent and a scene stealing Labrador retriever, this is a great read and if you are like me you'll have a hard time putting this book down!"    

     --John Kruse, Host and Producer of Northwestern Outdoors Radio 


“Phillips tells a masterful tale that is engaging, endearing and suspenseful. It is rich with local knowledge of central Washington and the Cascade Mountains, two places the author is intimately familiar. Once I started, it was hard to put the book down. A page-turner for sure.”

     --Pat Hoglund, Publisher of Western Hunting Journal, Traveling Angler, and Salmon & Steelhead Journal

"Weaving experiences that will be familiar to any hunter or angler into a murder mystery plot, The Cascade Killer is a criminal thriller with a unique outdoor twist that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time. Phillips is clearly an experienced outdoorsman himself and the story he tells is authentic, realistic, and enjoyable. If you’re looking for an enjoyable read out in deer camp or for just sitting next to your fireplace, then The Cascade Killer is a definite winner."

     --John McAdams, Author of The Big Game Hunting Blog & Host of The Big Game Hunting Podcast

“Yakima outdoor writer Rob Phillips knows his woods, waters and wardens, and it shows as he weaves them into this fast-paced, gripping murder mystery. You can practically smell the ponderosas and pack horses among pages that seem to leap straight out of the gazetteer. Mixing good old fashioned game wardening with current events, Phillips highlights the complex, often lonely and very vital work Washington fish and wildlife police perform, and a modern national travesty, the high number of missing or murdered native women.

     Buckle up and enjoy the plot twists and turns as they take you up mountain passes, along trout streams and down dusty logging roads as Phillips' woodswise WDFW Officer Luke McCain and trusty Lab Jack race to stop a serial killer from striking again. I don't read fiction, let alone crime thrillers, but this one has me demanding more Luke McCain novels, Rob, please!"

     --Andy Walgamott, editor, Northwest Sportsman magazine

“Real! Captivating! Once you start, you can’t put it down! The Cascade Killer is VERY well done! "

     --Scott Haugen, host and producer of The Hunt and author of numerous outdoor books


"Rob Phillips is a well-respected outdoor writer who has turned his talents to writing an excellent mystery book.  Using current day events, The Cascade Killer, is fast-paced and entertaining.  Women of similar physical characteristics disappear and their bodies are found in the mountains of Eastern Washington.  Game Warden Lucas McCain is called when a legal bear hunter discovers a human ear in the stomach of a harvested bear.  The investigation twists and turns while more bodies are discovered, while McCain and local authorities race to find the killer before more women disappear.

     The Cascade Killer checks all the boxes of a good book.  It is entertaining and fast-paced.  It also provides a glimpse into the world of today's Game Warden, from the routine to the spine tingling.  This book has it all!"

     --Rich Phillips, book reviewer for the International Game Warden Magazine

"The author’s knowledge and love of the outdoors and the bounty it provides shines through in this fast-paced, fun and thrilling story.  The Cascade Killer captures many of the attributes important to those within the rural, outdoor community wrapped into a murder mystery where a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife game warden finds himself entwined, solving, and eventually capturing the person responsible for the murder of several young woman. This book gives you a glimpse of a game warden’s life, how he often deals with sportsmen who break the law, the cooperative relationship carried on between various enforcement agencies, and how relationships, life, jobs and romance are often connected. In addition, it takes you into the mind of a psychopathic killer who thinks payback should involve innocent, young women."

     --Buzz Ramsey, author, outdoor personality and Hall of Fame angler

“The Cascade Killer is a fun, adventurous, entertaining story.  I thoroughly enjoyed accompanying Wildlife Officer Luke McCain, his Yellow Lab Jack and FBI Agent Sara Sinclair as they pursued a serial killer in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. A great story!"

     --Steve Raabe, author of Patrolling the Heart of the West, True Tales of a Nevada State Trooper

“Phillips knows the Pacific Northwest's Cascade Mountains, the wildlife that inhabit the region, and the daily routines of wildlife officers. Luke McCain and his lovable sidekick, Jack the yellow Lab, are hard not to love in this fast-paced mystery that you may not be able to put down. I cannot wait for more!”

     --Vikki J. Carter, Host & Producer of Authors of the Pacific Northwest Podcast 

From the back cover:

As a Fish and Wildlife police officer, Luke McCain and his partner -- a yellow Labrador named Jack -- spend their days patrolling the rivers, lakes and forests of the wild and scenic Cascade Mountains in Eastern Washington.

After hunters discover human remains inside a bear's stomach, McCain is thrust into the investigation. As more dead women are found in McCain's region, authorities suspect a serial killer is prowling the mountains he knows best.

McCain will need his knowledge as an outdoorsman, and his instincts as an investigator, to track the psychopathic predator before he kills again.

The Cascade Killer: A Luke McCain Novel

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