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Latah Books Signs Author and Potter Vince Montague

Latah Books is excited to announce the signing of author and potter Vince Montague whose forthcoming memoir, Cracked Pot, will be published in February 2023.

Vince Montague received his Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from NYU in 1989 and soon after began publishing short stories in literary magazines. He also began a twenty-year career as an adjunct instructor of writing at colleges and universities around the Bay Area. His late wife was a filmmaker and potter who died tragically in a car accident in 2009. During her lifetime, he never touched clay but after her death he began to study clay on his own. In 2014, he left his teaching career, reopened his wife’s ceramic studio and began making art for a living.

His stories and poems have been published in literary and academic journals including: California Quarterly, Westwind. The Florida Review, Talking River Review, Other Voices, Nimrod: An International Journal, Green Mountain Review. He has been an artist-in-residence at Carrizozo AIR (New Mexico), Playa Summer Lake (Oregon), and Willapa Bay (Washington). His hybrid memoir, Cracked Pot, a broken chronicle of grief and art, will be published by Latah Books in February 2023. Vince can be reached at

Book Description for Cracked Pot:

When Vince Montague’s wife perishes in a tragic car accident, he is plunged into a world of grief. After weeks of loneliness and despair, he begins to explore his wife’s pottery studio in the wild hills of Northern California, teaching himself to mix clay, throw a pot, fire a kiln, trim and glaze. Just as his grief is ebbing and his future in clay is looking bright, a wildfire advances upon his studio and threatens to destroy everything he has created.

Cracked Pot is a singular book: a story of love lost and the labyrinthine path through grief; a meditation on the craft of pottery and its power to inspire and restore; a rumination on the life of a writer and the refuge of words; an examination of how generational family trauma can shape an artist. Montague’s haunting memoir is a kaleidoscopic and redemptive reading experience, one that serves to remind its readers about the cracks and the light.

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