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From Survivor to Surgeon Now Available for Pre-Order

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

From Survivor to Surgeon: A Refugee's Memoir of Perseverance and Purpose by Dr. Paul Luu is available for pre-order now!

In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, Paul fled his home in Saigon with his belongings packed into a single duffel bag. ​After enduring days at sea in an overcrowded boat and months stranded on a remote island, Paul was finally resettled in the United States, but his ordeal was far from over. He struggled to learn English while navigating the complexities and cruelties of the foster care system. Convinced that knowledge was the path to a better life, Paul pursued his education with single-minded focus. He earned a GED, attended college and medical school, and undertook years of training to become a surgeon. Through it all, Paul survived, driven by hard work, an unshakable sense of hope, lots of luck, and help from caring individuals and mentors.

​Thank you for your support and enjoy!

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