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Psychology Today: Why Are So Many of Our Sons 'the Stone Boys'?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Excerpt from Michael Gurian's blog in Psychology Today:

The title metaphor of my new book, The Stone Boys, represents a boy who must become as hard as stone to survive.  Traumatized boys and men are especially prone to becoming hardened for many reasons, some neuro-biological and some psycho-sociological. 
As I have shown elsewhere (e.g. Saving Our Sons), males often lack the extra female brain connectivity of the mid-brain emotive centers to executive decision-making centers in the top-front of the brain.   Males do, however, have powerful access to features in the brain that compartmentalize, lateralize, cut the brain off from emotion, and keep the brain hardened until violent self-destruction.  Males who are traumatized often become stone boys—hardened to excess. 

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