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Publishing Cascade Kidnapping, Book 4 in Rob Phillips' Luke McCain Series

Today, I'm thrilled to announce the publication of Cascade Kidnapping, the fourth volume in Rob Phillips' acclaimed Luke McCain series. The success of Rob's books continues to boggle my mind.

Nearly two years since publication of The Cascade Killer, the Luke McCain series continues to be the bestselling books at Inklings Bookshop in Yakima while garnering more than 3,000 favorable reviews on Amazon (and counting daily). For an indie publisher and a columnist/outdoorsman-turned-novelist, the reception to Luke McCain and his partner -- a yellow Lab named Jack -- has been a dream come true. And biased though I am, I do believe Cascade Kidnapping is perhaps Rob's best book yet. Here's to hoping that there are still many more to come.

Cascade Kidnapping is available at your favorite indie bookstore, on Amazon, or via the Latah Books store.


Once again, Washington State Fish & Wildlife police officer Luke McCain and his partner – a yellow Lab named Jack – are having a busy summer. Dealing with salmon poachers, elk-killing outlaws, and other wildlife issues have Luke looking forward to an early season wilderness hunt with a long-time friend.

Luke's week in the mountains goes from pleasure to business in an instant when he is called upon to help find two teenage boys – one the son of a multi-millionaire Starbucks VIP – who have been abducted at gunpoint during a wilderness survival school expedition. Their captors, and the foreigners calling the shots behind the scenes, are desperate for their ransom money and willing to do almost anything to get it. Trekking through backcountry teeming with dangerous wildlife, Luke must help rescue the missing boys before the kidnapping scheme becomes deadly.

Praise for Cascade Kidnapping:

"Poaching big game . . . check. A loveable yellow Lab . . . double check. Computer hackers from India . . . WHAT!

That last item is the big checklist twist in outdoor writer Rob Phillips’ latest novel, Cascade Kidnapping, the fourth in his Luke McCain series. As in all of Phillips’ books, Cascade Kidnapping reinforces healthy respect for the outdoors and laws that protect it. Conversational narrative writing as well as the Cascade Mountains’ sense of place reward readers. Recurring characters -- especially that Lab, Jack -- anchor each book."

--Bob Crider, retired editor and publisher, Yakima Herald-Republic

"Rob Phillips, award-winning outdoor writer, has given readers the 4th installment in his most entertaining Luke McCain mystery series! Cascade Kidnapping has Washington State game warden Luke McCain and his yellow Lab Jack arresting salmon poachers, investigating a serial elk killer and dealing with administrative duties. While finally on a few days off, McCain and Jack are asked to help locate and rescue two young kidnapping victims being held in the rugged wilderness of north central Washington. They race against time and the elements to save the boys before they can be hurt or worse . . . Phillips' writing displays a real knowledge of the outdoors, as well as the duties and responsibilities of game wardens. A very enjoyable book!!"

--Rich Phillips, book reviewer for the International Game Warden Magazine

Praise for Cascade Vengeance:

"Cascade Vengeance takes readers on a thrill ride through the dual worlds of drug dealing and big-game hunting deep in Washington’s Cascade mountains. Rob Phillips uses his extensive knowledge of the region to tell the fast-moving tale of game warden Luke McCain and his yellow Lab Jack, as they face down poachers, murderous drug cartel members, and feral dogs on the way to the story’s harrowing and heartbreaking conclusion."

--Scott Graham, National Outdoor Book Award-winning author of Mesa Verde Victim

"This is crime fiction at its finest – the perfect blend of a compelling mystery, a fabulous setting, the best dog ever, and a very likeable hero you won’t forget." --Christine Carbo, award-winning author of the Glacier Mystery Series

“Rob Phillips delivers another page turner. Cascade Vengeance is full of murder, intrigue and suspense. And just when you think the case is solved, Phillips throws you a curve ball. If you enjoyed The Cascade Killer, you’ll love Phillips’s latest in the Luke McCain series.”

--Pat Hoglund, Publisher of Western Hunting Journal, Traveling Angler, and Salmon & Steelhead Journal

"Cascade Vengeance, the second book in the Luke McCain series, is another hang-onto-your-hat, nonstop action episode with Luke, a Washington State Fish and Wildlife officer, his FBI girlfriend Sara, and Jack his loyal yellow Lab. I felt like I was riding shotgun in Luke’s Ford pickup, bouncing along forest service roads where very bad guys might be lurking."

--Susan Richmond, owner of Inklings Bookshop

“Another fast-paced, exciting chapter in the Luke McCain series that remains true to the Pacific Northwest. Phillips leaves readers with a splendid conclusion, helping us wonder when the next Luke McCain volume will be out. I am truly a fan of Luke and Jack!”

--Vikki J. Carter, Host & Producer of Authors of the Pacific Northwest Podcast

"Rob’s knowledge of the outdoors, his attention to detail, his main characters -- Luke McCain, FBI Agent Sara Sinclair and their yellow Lab, Jack -- all come together for another quick-paced, fun, hard-to-put-down novel."

--Steve Raabe, author of Patrolling the Heart of the West: True Tales of a Nevada State Trooper

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