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The Stone Boys by Michael Gurian Receives Licensed Mental Health Counselor Recommendation

Latah Books was recently honored and delighted to receive a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Recommendation from Airway Heights-based mental health counseling firm, Villain Esteem. Their team recommends Michael Gurian's novel, The Stone Boys, for the author's frank and courageous portrayal of childhood sexual abuse.

Villain Esteem writes, "The Stone Boys was a shock to the system in all the best ways.... Michael Gurian has done well in this fact-based fiction to help people understand how serious childhood sexual trauma can be, and how the victims, and sometimes the perpetrators, feel."

As the tragic pervasiveness of boyhood sexual abuse becomes more apparent by the day, we hope more readers will take this journey with Ben and Dave so that they can better understand the victimized young men in our society. Only through radical understanding and courageous conversations can we hope to heal.

Check out the entire Villain Esteem review and recommendation and get your copy of The Stone Boys at the Latah Books online store or via

Villain Esteem and Latah Books recommend parental guidance for younger readers.

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